Thursday, March 24, 2011

Quilts with little pieces

Caroline Searls spoke to our guild the other day. She showed us many quilts she has acquired over the years. I really perked up and listened when she said she keeps all scraps that are 1 1/2" square.

Here are close up shots of some of my favorites. The squares in this one measure 2". This quilt was fairly large.

These blocks were in an even larger quilt! The strips are 1/2" wide, each block is about 5" square. Caroline said she named it Spaghetti and Tomato Sauce because she thought that was what it looks like.

At the close of her program she showed this little doll quilt. She pointed out that one end was narrower than the other. She said one day her mother found her dipping this quilt into wash water and stopped her midway - and the wool quilt shrank from that dip in the water. Look at her great label - and a label from registering the quilt with the Kansas Quilt Project in 1986.

Caroline spent 61 years in Rawlins County, Kansas - the last 41 years in Atwood.  When her husband died, she remarried 2 years later and moved to Bella Vista, Arkansas, where she lives today. 


  1. What a lovely talk that must of been. I always love scrap quilts with lots of little pieces. Did she make any of them other that the doll quilt?? Thanks for sharing this. Bonnie B

  2. Lovely scrap quilts. I too save anything 1-1/2" or bigger (and strips which are narrower!)