Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Kansas Quilt Bibliography

I'd call this block an adaptation of
a colonial ladies design, circa 1930s. This
little quilt measures 16" x 22".
At my talk about 150 years of Kansas Quilts today, I promised an online bibliography. To learn more about Kansas and quilting, check these online sources.

Kansas 150 quilt information from the State Library of Kansas:

Spencer Museum of Art (look for Carrie Hall collection):

Kansas Quilt Project quilts (search for Kansas):

Happy Birthday Kansas by Linda Frost:

Barbara Brackman’s blog:

Quilting in America 2010 survey results:

Kansas Quilts & Quilters, Brackman et al, University Press of Kansas, 1993:

It Happened in Kansas: Remarkable Events That Shaped History by Sarah Smarsh:

Timothy Egan's book The Worst Hard Times about Kansas in the dust bowl days:

Barbara Brackman's book debunking the quilt code myth:

A blog about kit quilts:

Information about the Kaw Valley Quilters Guild upcoming quilt show:

Thanks to the Topeka Public Library for hosting this event, and to Pattie Poe for making it all possible!


  1. Hi! I love seeing all the delightful vintage quilts you find. The one on your site today is so unique! The Colonial ladies remind of how homemakers used to "dress" up?/disguise their dishwashing soap bottles in little dresses...the ladies have that same shape! Thank you for sharing this!

  2. The Worst Hard Time is an amazing book with great detail and vivid descriptions of the Dust Bowl. I have read volumes of historical books and believe this one to be among the best.