Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Linda figured it out

Look! Several members of my stitch group have opined about how the Log Cabin-ish quilt I posted a photo of on Feb. 16 was put together. Linda Frost made this sample, we think she's got it.

Here is the first block. All the logs are 1 1/2" wide. Here's how it goes together:

1. Start with a yellow center square and one long red log (Linda's center is 1 1/2" square, the strip 5 1/2" long).

2. Attach 2 blue logs (same size as the first log) aligning them with the yellow center. Stop stitching 1" from the end.

3. Attach a light strip (the first is 3 1/2" long, the rest are progressively longer).

4. Continue those steps. The block is complete when you have 1 center, 9 dark logs and 4 light logs.

5. Notice how Linda has attached the center of the next block on the left side.

6. To continue: make rows of these strips, then join the rows together to make the quilt.
Also note: Linda stitched hers completely by machine.
p.s. be sure to visit Linda's blog, you will enjoy her work!


  1. wow, my brain is not working well this evening, but this looks easy enough, I am coming back in the morning when I might have a clear brain to digest this..I fell in love with this quilt. Linda, you are a smart one!

  2. I am still a little confused. Is the top of the block then staggered?---or do you cut the top straight once the quilt is completed? I am loving this block--you are very clever Ms.Linda!

  3. I understand how she mad the bottom row of blocks, but how did she fill in the lights in the middle?

  4. i never sent you a diagram that i drew up .. but essentially the entire quilt uses partial seams if sewn by machine. i've been meaning to ask about the original ... can you tell if it's hand or machine done? and if by hand if it has a foundation (maybe muslin) layer. I can tell it's tied rather than quilted ... and it looks turn of the century therefore all my questions. wish i could have been there to fondle it too!

  5. Amazing!
    It would be great to see this one reproduced!
    Thanks for sharing Linda's method.
    She is clever!

  6. I've got to make one of these! Thanks for the tutorial.

  7. Alice - you finish the top of the row just like the bottom is finished, adding on the light strips until it is straight across the top....
    plus, I promise I'll track down that quilt again and examine it closely to see if it's hand quilted.....

  8. HUGE CONGRATS to Linda on puzzling this one out! It looked impossible to me :)

  9. Just found your blog. Thanks for sharing your passion. I love antique quilts. And rescuing is my favorite thing.