Sunday, April 24, 2011

Tic Tac Toe

This quilt isn't perfect but I think it did have my name on it. I found it last week in an antique mall near Columbia, Missouri and paid $35 to bring it home to admire.

I found the pattern in the Encyclopedia. Block 2770: At the Depot (Clara Stone), Railroad Crossing (KC Star 8/21/35) - I'll bet my maker used that Star pattern....

It measures 68" x 82". The blocks do vary in size - one measured 9" square, another 7 1/2" square. So putting the blocks on point with setting triangles between makes sense (and is a good way to deal with different size blocks we might want to set into a quilt....). It is assembled in columns.

I love looking at this quilt. No blocks are alike - the fabrics are mostly worn clothing. Some have worn away and the binding is worn. This quilt was well-loved and well-used.

So here's my plan: I am loving the uniqueness of so many of these blocks, I will post a couple per day for a while so you can see the wildness too.


  1. Deb,
    What a treat to see this quilt today! Oh I can not wait to see close up of the blocks.
    $35? A steal!

  2. Pretty and quite unique. I like it and would use it too.

  3. So much to love about this quilt...the set, the orange for the streak o'lightning set, the wonkiness of blocks (?made by small hands). What a fun find. Bonnie

  4. Deb, will you be a picker for me? I never find quilts or tops that aren't pricey. I, too, would have snatched this up just to enjoy the fabrics. Thanks for sharing it!

  5. there you go--a fearless quilter of long ago, and we still love her quilt--and those colors--