Saturday, May 26, 2012

Art Tougeau

The local art car parade is today. You can read all about the parade history here.

Last night was the pre-party . It was great fun AND we got to hear the Kansas City Ukesters (note handsome guy with shades on left - that is my husband). Our friend Charles who thought up the parade is in the blue Hawaiian shirt.

The entries celebrate creativity. Thrift too.  The guy gesturing here was exclaiming, "They were throwing all this stuff away!" Note the groovy metal lawn chair seat AND the crazy quilt pillow backrest.

Of course, I am drawn to entries that include textiles. The seats of one groovy car were covered with a crocheted blanket (that is the reflection of my camera in the window).

I like this car covered with torn fabric strips.

Here are a few detail shots so you can see the construction. The fabric strips were attached to a paper cover. Note the inventive use of duct tape to hold the paper cover to the vehicle.

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