Sunday, May 20, 2012

The New Kids in Town

A few markets ago, I recall much talk about how to attract the new generation of quilters. At this market, they are all over the place, jazzing it up. Instead of old sensible shoes, they are wearing these HIGH HEELS!

Look at Melody, oh how I wanted to pack up her booth and take it home with me. And boy does she know how to pose. I do think I saw that lamp on Mad Men last week......

Moms are in the background, proudly taking photographs of their designer daughter (at the Tula Pink booth) at work.

The guys in suits are talking to the daughter. That means business, deals, good good stuff. This is not only that proud mom's designer daughter, it is also her son who is the computer guy ("and I was always telling him to get off the computer and go out and play!" she said, shaking her head at this turn of events)....

I understand they do not want to be called sewers. OK, I can see that. I'm working on getting used to this sewist thing.....


  1. When I was younger....heels all day didn't bother me.....youth has many advantages but I don't want to go back. Thanks for sharing!!!!

  2. oh yeah, I loved getting out and about in my high heels, now I love wearing my slippers in my sewing room. Thanks for sharing these fabulous photos. I still like saying sewer, it makes me giggle.

  3. Sewist...hmmm. I've always pondered a better way to say this, glad to hear someone has come up with one!

  4. Maybe a diet might be in order for the daughter. Little bit heavy for young age.