Friday, May 18, 2012

Market Report #1

Quilt Market is in Kansas City this week! We've got lovely weather for it and the usual lively crowds - what fun it is to have everyone here.

I got to hear Amy Butler speak the other night. She presented a talk about her life and work. I was particularly interested in her new venture, an online magazine called Blossom. It will be free and will debut in July.

At Amy's schoolhouse yesterday, she gave away swag - fabric bags! I love mine, it is #20426 (yes, more than 20,000!) made by the green bag lady, see more about her at When they ask paper or plastic at the store, we are to exclaim FABRIC! How cool is that?

Barbara Brackman gave a wonderful talk about the many free resources you can access on the internet. Free patterns especially. She'll be blogging about market this week, check it out.

I'm looking forward to the free quilt exhibit at the Kansas City Star Press Pavilion this week. Stop by if you are in town.....


  1. thanks for blogging about the Market. I'm living vicariously! AND there's a free pattern on green bag lady's site. I think I know what I will make for teacher gifts this year!

  2. Deb, thanks for blogging about the bag you got from Quilt market. Did you, by any chance, take any photos of people with their bags? I'd be willing to trade bags or fabric for photos! I haven't heard back from Amy yet if her or David had the chance to snap any photos! :)

    Please email me: greenbagladyteresa(at)gmail(dot)com