Saturday, August 25, 2012

Fresh Perspectives

We can all use them, can't we.
And if they come in the form of a new, exciting quilt book, even better!

I love this book, Fresh Perspectives, just released by C&T Publishing. My friends Bobbi Finley and Carol Jones are the authors. They did some very exciting work, interpreting some traditional quilts in the collection of the International Quilt Study Center in Lincoln, Nebraska and remaking them in a contemporary way.

Carol and I both fell in love with the same quilt there. A little Amish quilt, circa  1910 - 1930. And we both made interpretations of it. They included mine in the book:

I've wanted to show it to you for a long time, but waited for the book to come out. The center squares are batiks, the rest are from my stash: some quilt prints, some shirts, some indigos. It was great fun to make!

I'm also finding the book a great help as I work with some vintage blocks passed on to me by a friend cleaning out her sewing room. It's going to be a great reference for some of us who try to use old blocks in contemporary ways. I've already recommended it to a friend wanting to use some nine-patches in a quilt. Stay tuned, you will hear more about ways I'm using this book.


  1. that is sooo cute. congrats! the book looks really fun.

  2. Great little quilt! I'll have to look into this book.

  3. My new favorite color is Indigo Blue! Can't have enough of it and easiest color to 'collect' with old and used shirts. Love your interpretation of old block.

  4. I agree the blues have it ....what an eye pleasing quilt.