Sunday, August 19, 2012

What a skirt!

Skirt side1

I am recuperating and doing well, slowly but surely. A friend knew just the tonic I needed - she hauled me to a tag sale. In the garage, hidden by mounds of polyester fabrics, I found this skirt.

Ok, a high fashion item - it is NOT. But it is a little goldmine of fabric blocks from the 1960s and a bit past (you'll note a few '50s pieces). It's in mint condition: if it was worn, it was only a careful time or two. The blocks are mostly 3 1/2" square. The maker went to the same home ec class I did - notice how carefully she pinked all the edges (so they would not ravel) and pressed them open. The hem is finished with hem tape. And the price was just right for thrifty Deb: $1.

I'll post photos the other side and a favorite block in a few days. If you see other blocks you'd like to see a closeup view of, let me know. The fabrics are fabulous! I notice Denyse Schmidt's new fabric line is homage to the 1970s (the Monkees, etc.). THIS ONE is pure Laugh In! (Watch this and you'll see why we thought throwing water at people was so acceptable ... )


  1. So glad to hear you're on the mend. That skirt is priceless! Love the Laugh In clip. Oh, do I remember. "Sock it to me!"

  2. Deb, Good to hear that you are recovering well! The skirt is so fun. Nothing like a whole I spy outfit for a buck!
    I wish I was here during that television era. Funny!

  3. Glad to see you back and healing! That skirt is a riot! Love the aqua piece near the waistband with white flowers and lime (?) leaves! Can totally see Goldie in some of these prints! I remember the dreaded hem tape...we made A-line skits out of broadcloth and the entire Jr. High was to wear them all on the same day! I am sure we were stunning fashion plates back then!

  4. I had to look at that skirt mom made some patchwork skirts like that in the early "70's" (granny skirts I think they were called)--but then I remembered they were made in light pastel 60's type fabric!!