Monday, June 10, 2013

55 Years Apart

My picture was on the front page of our local newspaper last week - in a good way too. Not being arrested, not protesting, oh no. I was touring a garden with my husband and photographer John Young snapped this:

I got to thinking - this is NOT the first time I was on the front page of the local paper. I was actually on it once before, again in a good way, if you consider a very posed photo 55 YEARS AGO good:

I was with another fellow in this photo - we were both the children of Lawrence High School teachers so I suspect being teachers' kids got us there. I seem to be awkwardly posed, don't you think. The construction paper/doily May basket is positioned perfectly ...

In another 55 years, I will be 110 years old. If I live that long, could this happen again? Probably NOT, we probably won't have newspapers then. Oh well.

I promise I'll get back to quilts soon, I have things to show.


  1. Those are wonderful photos and wonderful memories.


  2. It's fun to see your photo. Looks like you still haven't learned to keep your hands off. ; >

  3. Adorable! Oh so precious!
    I have been missing out on too much fun:) Glad I took a break from my crazy days and ended up here.

  4. Those are great pics! We lived at 1525 W. 22nd street just a few years ago!