Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Rosie's Pieced Shirt Quilts

Rosie Mayhew sent me photos of more quilts she has made from her shirt collection. All these quilts are Rosie's original designs.

I thought we'd look at her pieced quilts first. She calls this Leftovers, simple bricks left over from a pieced border. She let me use it in my book Making Memories. It was my first peek at the great colors she was collecting.

I LOVE this one, I left in Rosie's shadow (taking the picture) on purpose. Rosie writes: "This is my "Not Necessarily Halloween" quilt.   I made it after seeing a black & orange log cabin in an antique store in Abilene.   I completed this quilt in 24 days, a record for me.   But, as you can see, in my haste to complete it, I made an error in setting the rows of blocks together.   I still like it but sometimes wish it had been put together totally correct!   It is titled "Not Necessarily Halloween" because while there are some Halloween fabrics in it - stars & moons for instance, there are no pumpkins, witches, ghosts, etc..    About half of the fabrics used in this quilt are gray, orange & black plaid and striped shirts.I actually had this quilt on my bed for about a year before I hung it up and took the picture, even after it had hung in the quilt show a week or so before, when I realized the mistake in setting the blocks together!

And what about THIS one! It makes me want to RUN to the nearest thrift shop to find some tropical patterned mens' shirts. Isn't it wonderful? Rosie notes: "This is the quilt that I made from the blue Hawaiian shirts that I collected. I still have more of the shirts so need to figure out another quilt to make with them."

Last but not least:"This one is too big to photograph where I did the other quilts so I am just sending a picture of part of it.   It is about double size.   I think this is maybe the first shirt quilt that I completed."

Rosie has made a pile of appliqued quilts too - we'll look at those next.


  1. wow, your friend is very talented. that Halloween quilt is fabulous - and that's not a mistake, it's character.

  2. I agree with Tonya--character, for sure. Love her quilts. I'm running to the thrift store right now!

  3. I was just going to say that quilt has real character but Tonya said it first, but that's okay I always agree with Tonya she has such a good eye for special quilts.
    Lovely quilt show thanks :0)

    Happy Sewing

  4. My fave is the Hawaiian shirt quilt. Your friend has an awesome collection of shirts & is putting them to very good use!

  5. Not Necessarily Halloween has no mistakes in it. You made it that way in a creative fit. I love it. Gluten Free Quilter

  6. Totally totally head over heels in love with ALL of her quilts!!!! Can I go live with her?? ;D

  7. They are all really nice. Inspiring.