Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Improv Day 1

I figured just starting would be one of the hardest parts of this project.

So I started with the railings. I'm working with a black & white photo - which helps me see color value clearly. The railings came together with a remnant and some tiny checkered seersucker from a shirt.

I chose a roofline fabric - a few darker pieces for the shadow. On to the first floor windows. Yellows, red railings. I think this old feedsack fabric will work for the chimney.

I'm liking the work of Day 1. How odd is this? That orange fabric scrap on the roof formed a bird shape. That was a total accident, just serendipity. Quite fun!


  1. Great start!! I think the results from this are all going to be different and amazing.

  2. Impressive! I saw the same challenge but didn't step up to the plate! Can't wait to see the finish!