Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Purple Turnip is Open

We had a location shoot Tuesday at Maggie Bonanomi's new workspace/studio/occasional retail shop. In the photo right are (from left) designer Brian Grubb peeking out, my reflection in the window shooting the photo, Maggie's tiny head peeking over the Shut sign, and photographer Aaron Leimkuehler, working of course.

It's a swell spot. There is room for Maggie's antiques, plants, and fun items for sale. There is definitely room for a stitch group / workshop group to work. AND there is a large basement, ideal for more workshop space (cutting tables, etc.).

Maggie marveling at the brickwork in her shop basement.

There is even a little garden out back, becoming more Maggie-like every day ... here's a sneak-peek of the project we shot there (her next book, tentatively titled Another Place and Time, will be out in September).

Maggie says the shop will be open weekends when she is in town, and by appointment otherwise. It's best to call ahead (660-232-4406) to make sure she will be there. It's at 1109 Main in downtown Lexington, Missouri.

Look for the rustic purple turnip sign outside ...


  1. Looks delightful - sure wish Maggie was a blogger - can you suggest it to her? Her fans would be eternally grateful!

  2. Looks like a little piece of heaven on Earth! Not that far away, so a road trip might happen! Thanks for sharing.

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  5. Oh my, the Purple Turnip is on my bucket list. Love Maggie's stuff!