Monday, November 25, 2013

Toothbrush Chairpads

Now this was fun.

My friend Georgann has a colorful new house. I love it. The rooms are painted in bold colors - the kitchen is an especially wonderful warm, buttery gold.She has some nice wood chairs there but the seats needed a little cushioning.

This is a good time to whip out the toothbrush and make a little rug. All you need to do is make a pattern of the seat shape. Start your rug so it is the same shape as the seat and it will fit just fine.

For my runner/base, I used a shaggy woven loom end. More about those soon. The worker pieces were bright colors, some picked by Georgann, some added in by me.

I added one extra row of stitches on the chair front to fill it out.

I love how they turned out. You can make one of these in no time at all!


  1. Curious - how do use a toothbrush to make that rug? It's crocheted, right? They're so neat!

  2. Wonderful! I used to make toothbrush rugs. Then quilting took over. Never thought of them for chair pads, but they're perfect!

  3. I have the tool and instructions but havent tackled a project yet. The folding and ironing step didn't appeal to me but I sure want to try it. Someday.

  4. i make so many toothbrush rugs i neglect to explain them! my first post on them was 4-30-09 - there are links there to explain the process. they are not crocheted, they are knotted. Donna - i make my own tool from old, sturdy toothbrushes and I enlarge the eye so I can get more fabric through it. I don't fold and iron, no way! i might fold a bit as I work, that is all.