Sunday, June 21, 2009

Five dollars of fabric entertainment

My husband and I have a summer hobby. We take a bike ride every Saturday morning and when we come to a garage sale, we stop and take a break. Sometimes kids sell lemonade and we like that. We take backpacks along, which limits the amount of stuff we can purchase. Well, we had to make an exception to that yesterday. I noticed a raggedy comforter pieced with feedsacks at one stop - for a price of $5.
The garage sale hostess scowled and said, "Guess why that quilt is so beat up? My husband put my kids AND THE DOG on it and pulled them around the yard." I had to ask the burning question: "Are you still married to him?" "NO!" she replied.
"Oh dear," I said. "Well that looks like $5 worth of fabric entertainment. I'll take it." She said that would be a relief for her, that someone would like it.
I returned with the car to haul it home, it was a very well-stuffed comforter. These pictures were taken as I began to take it apart. The cotton inside nearly filled our garage trash can. I washed it gently in the tub with Orvis twice and then realized the only way to get it clean was the washing machine.
It's brighter now. I'm taking the worn backing off it next. It will be fun to see what happens with this one.....

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