Tuesday, June 2, 2009

What editors ponder

One of my more inquisitive authors asks: what is the correct spelling of rick rack?
I responded r-i-c-k r-a-c- k.
Ya-ha! She exclaimed. Xyz fabric company is spelling it Ric rac….

Oddly, the same question also came up at a recent quilt book editors meeting I attended.

I explored a little. Web sites with the name included abound. The names are catchy but they’re not necessarily about the product:

Wrights makes it, they call it Rick Rack.
But if you spell it ric rac it goes so nicely with nic nac and bric a brac. Try saying those names quickly in succession…..
Our consensus: there is no right or wrong way to spell this. Pick your favorite and be consistent….
Note: I found the little rick rack flower pot in the picture on an antique shop dishtowel....

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