Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Thrift Shop Quilt #1 - Sweet Strips

My plan is to regularly post photos of quilts I've collected here in the Midwest.
I found this two years ago at an antique shop in Hutchinson, Kansas. I couldn't leave it behind, it's so impulsive and cheerful. And it had a thrifty price.

Five sections of horizontal strips make up this quilt. The section widths vary from 12 1/2" to 14". Strip widths vary from less than 1" to 3" which makes this very scrappy indeed. There is a wide variety of fabrics used. They do repeat but not too often.

The quilt measures 68" x 71". It's tied with yarn about every 3". The backing is 2 different pieces of soft striped pink and blue flannel, which turns to the front to bind three sides (the last side is stitched and turned, not bound).
I hope some little child got to sleep under this quilt.