Monday, November 9, 2009

20 years ago today

There aren't many days when you are reminded of where you were 20 years ago.
Our family was living in Worms, Germany and most of the time, I was raising our 2 little girls while my husband was a cold war warrior.

But on this day 20 years ago, I was on an art history tour of Vienna, Austria. I'd spent the day touring museums, seeing the Lipizzaner stallions, the Hundertwasserhaus, stopping for Sachertorte in the afternoon, ah...

And in the evening, I was having dinner with other touring Americans when we heard the news. The Berlin Wall had fallen! I remember we all just gazed at each other, rather dumbfounded at what we were hearing.

It was a tremendous time to be living in Germany. Things changed quickly, the neighbor's cousins came over to visit from the East in their little tin-can-like Trabants.....

Several weeks ago, our daughter Kate (the one in the Santa hat above and standing below) brought some foreign exchange students by for lunch. We had a wonderful time. Stefan (on the right) is from East Germany. We were reminiscing about things we loved about Germany and I told him I'd visited the east after the wall fell. He said he could not remember when there were two Germanys: he was too young.

That was another memorable moment for me, to realize a generation has grown up since then. A very wonderful moment.....


  1. I cannot believe it was 20 years ago either. It was a new beginning for many families.