Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Flannel Colts Corral

This quilt is hand pieced of mostly flannel strips. It measures 67" x 77" and the blocks are 5" square. There are a few strips of cottons and wools. The cottons are old (1880s) and the flannels seem old-timey also. I purchased the top at the very large antique mall in Centerville, Indiana in ~1997.

The block's name in the Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns by Barbara Brackman is fitting: Colts Corral, a Prudence Penny pattern of 1932.

The top's condition is good. Many strips of this economy quilt are pieced together very thriftily. My mom Lou Gehlbach added the backing and very simply machine quilted it. It hung in her vacation home in Green Valley, Arizona for several winters, I often wished I was there too. It is a very cozy looking quilt.

I just walked the coworkers on this sunny fall afternoon and noticed that the colors of this quilt are very like the late fall colors in northeast Kansas. Many of these flannels are varied shades of browns and blues and golds too.....


  1. I have just happened to find your blog and it looks interesting, I like the idea of thrift quilts, using what you have. I am thinking of having a "no buying fabric year" next year to use up what I have.
    I have to go to work now but have bookmarked you so will come back later!

  2. wow, a no buying fabric year! what a concept, let me know if you do that. I do love using what I have and supplementing that with thrift shop/garage sale finds.....last week I was able to find some great new things both those ways.