Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thank goodness

Thankfully, I have friends who drive by signs like this and go back to get a photo. The very sharp-eyed Roseanne saw this one in Minneola, Kansas.  She didn't notice the second sign under it until she went back.  When Roseanne and I travel together, it takes us a while to get there - and it is isn't dull, for sure. Rural Kansas can be highly entertaining.

I'm grateful to have a best friend who plays a mean ukelele. Yesterday we visited our friend Bill who is ill too soon. Ray whipped out the uke and Bill's face really lit up when he played Blue Hawaii. There is just something about grownups strumming those little ukes that make other grown people smile. It's a wonder.

I'm also lucky to have friends who send me articles like this. It's the best recipe for tomorrow.....
Relax and have a Happy Thanksgiving.

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