Friday, November 13, 2009

Friendship Ring quilt

I found this swell quilt in Canton, Texas in 2002 at the huge First Friday Flea Market there. It measures 66" x 78" and I think it's circa 1930. The block is Friendship Ring (16 pieces) a Coats & Clark pattern, #3471a in the Encyclopedia of Applique. The blocks measure 13-14" across.

The quilt is in good condition. The background and borders are sturdy fabric. Some of the ring fabrics have deteriorated but most are fine. The rings are put together in an interesting way. Those patches are hand pieced together. They were laid atop the gray centers. The rings were then attached with machine stitching, which goes around the outside and inside of the ring and then along the edge of one piece so the ring is connected.

This is hand quilted in a grid. It's possible it came from the South as it has no batting. It's backed with an old flannel blanket.


  1. very fun. I've been contemplating a dresden plate quilt lately -- do you know if they're basically the same block? you didn't say in your post if you own this quilt -- do you?

  2. I do own this quilt. Yes the blocks are all basically the same - there is a little varience here and there. It seems like a fun way to put it together, hand stitching them all.....

  3. Just found your blog - love it ! Clicked on your book but nothing happened - will check again, Hugs, Mary

  4. thanks - I love the blog! I clicked on the link and fit worked, if it doesn't work for you again, just type in That is the Kansas City Star Quilt book website.