Monday, November 16, 2009


I LOVE basketball, college basketball especially.

The season has begun. Our town is all x-cited about several freshman who just started playing for KU. Xavier Henry had a great first game, scoring 27 points in a debut record. When he dunks, otherwise calm women in our age group text each other things like "Xavier is a stud!" and "Wait, don't you mean stud muffin!" We are thrilled.

I noticed some inventive fans in the student section were holding their arms above their heads, crossed like an X........

which made me think of this quilt picture a friend sent last week. More X's! This quilt is in the International Quilt Study Center collection in Lincoln, Nebraska. Click on the words underlined above to read more about it.

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  1. Hello...
    Your x-cellent quilt photo reminded me of the cover of one of my favorites. On the cover of Bets Ramsey's OLD AND NEW QUILT PATTERNS IN THE SOUTHERN TRADITION (ISBN; 0-934395-63-2) is a cross string quilt. I'm forever checking it out from the Poway county library.
    Started on the yoga mat (orange plaid/purple) for my sis...then got side-tracked by a yo-yo and monkey wrench quilt requests from my 2 daughters. Oh, and a homespun plaid brick for my husband...thanks for the pictures.
    delia from rb,ca