Friday, March 26, 2010

An amazing memory quilt

It would be hard for me to pick a favorite quilt at the Fractured Fabric Society Show in Lenexa (still up for a few more days) but this one was especially amazing for me.

"Color by Mary - Mood by Me" was stitched by Sandra Fos. It is one of the best memory quilts ever. Sandra wrote this about her quilt:

"After my Mother's passing, I packed her fabrics and clothing and knew one day the inspiration for a quilt would come.  Her favorite colors were chartreuse and purple together.  Still sad, I needed the somber darks.  Know she would like this piece since she was learning from me in the later years."

Sandra said she constructed this starting with a foundation of the heavier, more colorful fabrics.  "I did no traditional seaming but instead hand-turned the chunks of fabric as I went along.  A stash of pearl buttons seemed like punctuation marks in a life.  The thin strips stitched over the foundation were also hand-turned for a softer look.  More organic.  Since Mother was not a quilter but an A-class seamtress, she was taking a look at new techniques."

It is rich and absolutely lovely. Thanks, Sandra, for allowing me to post photos of this wonderful quilt. 

Here's information about the show, on display until March 31.


  1. Thanks to both you and Sandra for letting us see this amazing quilt. The story is so beautiful! I love what buttons represent here. The punctuation marks in life..they give all of us a moment to pause and ponder!

  2. I love that quilt! What a wonderful memory all stitched and buttoned together.