Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Lady Face Potholder

There are some fringe benefits to editing quilt books. Namely gifts from fun authors.

Edie McGinnis noticed this lady potholder when she was shopping in Iowa and brought her back to me. She is so demure and pretty: made of felted wool and perfectly stitched.

When I put her to the rest of the collection, I found a similar one already there. This one is also well stitched but just a little jarringly wrong. Maybe it's the avatar-like eye placement or the unfortunate line that leads from eye to mouth. Or the shinier face fabric, making a glow no lady would want (powder please). Her bonnet is stitched from a somewhat slinky dress fabric too.

And now a very special treat. I shared another face potholder here last October.  Today I heard from the amazing Laura, she has recreated that one in her own very excellent style. I love it.



  1. I love these! How can we see your whole collection?

  2. What fun! And isn't Edie nice?

  3. To me it seems like the face of the yellow potholder is facing the wrong way. Maybe the pattern was partly mirrored or something. It seems like her nose is pointing to the back of the bonnet. Love to see those potholders, beautifully made.

    Groetjes from Holland,