Sunday, March 7, 2010

Crazy Teacups

The utter madness of this quilt makes it another of my favorites.

I found it at the huge flea market at Canton, Texas  a few years ago. I was so happy with it and the woman selling it said,"Sometimes the quilts just come to you."

That clinched the deal.

The blocks often measure 8" square and the entire quilt measures 72" x 81". The cups are appliqued on with machine stitching. Isn't it so fun to look at, you can't tell there are cups on many of the blocks as there is such a riot going on with the fabric. You'll all be able to pick out old feedsack cloth from the rest. Notice how there is a border on the left side and the bottom but there are cut-off cups on the right side. Crazy!

There is an old tattered quilt inside this one, which makes it very heavy. Keep watching: soon, I'll show you the surprising back of this two-sided quilt...


  1. Stunning - I also have a feedsack quilt with another quilt inside but its not as nice as yours! I bought it for $8 last year and brought it all the way home with me to England.
    Love your blog - it so reminds me of my holidays and all the wonderful antique textile shopping.

  2. What a beauty! Totally fun. Makes you wonder about those cut-off tea cups on the side.

    Just spent the last couple of days with Gwen Marston in Sisters, OR. Told her and everyone in class about your blog. Watch for new visitors!