Friday, March 5, 2010

Sweet Button Quilts

Inspired by a photo on Barbara's blog, I made this sweet little quilt. I used lots of reproduction fabrics, all pulled from my scrap piles. The squares were cut 2" x 2" so the final quilt measures ~10 1/2" x 22 1/2". I had a jar of lovely old shell buttons so I stitched them on the darker alternate squares to quilt this. Look closely and you'll see a tiny shell I found in California stitched to the center of one square....

I liked it so much (and had cut so many squares) that I made another of these for our guild's upcoming mini-quilt auction. Then I made a slightly larger one for my Mom.

This project was well underway when I noticed how similar it is to a sweet little quilt Linda Brannock gave me a few years ago. Those squares are slightly larger than mine and the quilter tied this one in every square to quilt it. It measures about 12" x 14". And look at the back!


  1. I love your button quilt, I am sitting by a big bowl of old shell buttons, maybe I need to do something with them!

  2. Oh goodness! Those are wonderful. I will have to stitch one. It is amazing how simple things can be so enjoyable. Karmen

  3. Just beautiful,really love it too! Saw a quilt along the same line as this at a quilt show in St Charles, MO.several years ago. It was very very old, had that wrinkly, well loved, well washed look. It was cradle size and I could just see it lovingly covering some cuddly little baby sleeping in an old handmade cradle.

  4. I love your little button quilt! The one small shell makes it even more charming.

    I was just sewing buttons to a wool applique quilt last night, and realizing I have hundreds of small white buttons from all the thrift store shirts I've cut up. What a great idea to use them for quilting ties!

  5. oh this little quilt is adorable, do you mind if I make one for my wall of little quilts I am working on?
    love the odd button, a shell! I love finding surprises on quilts, what a great backing fabric, I am now on a mission to collect fun backings
    thanks for sharing this one with us.
    some of the little quilts I made these past few months I made two one to donate as well.

  6. Buy fabrics as shirts at the thrift market, and you too can have lots of buttons. FUN quilts! Thanks.
    Also maybe an idea on how I can use the beach glass, I picked up in the San Juan Islands in January.

  7. So fun, love the little squares and buttons! Inspiring!

  8. Kathie, definitely make one of these for your wall o quilts. what a fun concept. but beware, making these is addictive, it is hard to stop at just one.....

    Buffy - we should compare button collections. I have MANY and still save the buttons from every thrift shop shirt.....