Friday, June 25, 2010

Call for Quilts

Every so often I get an email from Kansas City Star Quilts. They are putting together another one of their My Star series books. They send out a notice of the quilt blocks they are seeking examples of. If your quilt is selected to be in the book:
1. It's photographed and published.
2. You get a free book.

I always check the blocks and see if I have any quilts that might qualify. Usually, not.

Today, I have two that might (might!) be considered. OK, my britches quilt is NOT EXACTLY like the block they show. But it was a good reason to pull it out and photograph it to show you here.

I found this quilt top in Wichita several years ago. I am a sucker for quilts that are mostly plaids. I loved the mostly soft colors and the different ways this block is put together. The blocks measure 13" square and the quilt measures 77" x 85". It is hand pieced and Lori Kukuk machine quilted it in a spectacular way. The centers are circles, which will likely disqualify this quilt for the Star book. But isn't it a honey! The Encyclopedia lists these names for this block: Mississippi Daisy, Britches Quilt, The Breeches Quilt (Workbasket 1939), Dutchman's Puzzle and Dutchman's Breeches (Progressive Farmer 1949). Apparently the Star published it too.

I have more blocks that might fit the bill. Look at the rain drop block at the bottom. It looks like this, doesn't it? The Encyclopedia calls this one Endless Chain, True Lover's Knot, Martha and more. A friend gave me 30 blocks of this design last week. All have a name embroidered on them and one stitcher (Roda Hayden) kindly added the year, 1932. I think I'll stitch them together next week and see if they make the cut! Wish me luck.

And if you have a quilt with one of these blocks, here's how to contact the Star.


  1. ooh, I love that quilt. gorgeous - no wonder it came home with you.

  2. I like the quilt with all the plaids. I like to use plaids in my own quilts.

  3. I think these both fill the bill to match the blocks. Very pretty. The raindrop one I've always heard call Rose Dream, and it's one of my favorites. What did they sign the blocks with back then that's stood the test of time?

  4. Oh good I'm glad to hear you think I've got matches. And the Encyclopedia called it Rose Dream too, how about that. Those blocks are signed with good old embroidery thread, I believe all black thread. Hopefully they'll go together smoothly this week so I can show you all of them.

  5. update: the Star will include the britches quilt in the book! hooray. i drop it off there this week to be photographed....