Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Quilt camp in a hotel

I highly recommend sewing in hotel rooms. I live with a frequent traveler. Occasionally, I go along on the travels. Hotel rooms provide the perfect backdrop for personal quilt camps.

You get the space all to yourself. After the maid makes up the bed, it's a great place to spread out a quilt project. There is always a nice iron and ironing board. Someone else vacuums up the threads,

This afternoon's project: stitching together 1930s blocks. I'm stitching blocks signed with names like Osa Nolder and Effie Jones and Della Barr....I'm musing about why these blocks never got stitched together. Did something go wrong? Did Fannie throw up her hands in disgust when Opal's block turned out a little wobbly? Did someone offend someone else, or run off with her husband? It's not going together perfectly but it's not THAT bad.

And what would they think of this? I'm sewing this together in a hotel room 80 years later, listening to free 1970s music on the internet courtesy of about time warp....

Meanwhile, I'm occasionally checking email, reading Aunt Betty's story about my dear Grandpa dressing up like a chinaman (so politically INcorrect now but not in the late 1930s I bet) for the Layman School (Beason, Illinois) winter play.
And tomorrow: another project.....................


  1. I love it too. Every summer my husband goes to Asheville for a tennis tournement. I go too, with my machine and quilts. He plays, I sew and swim and sew and check out the 9 fabric stores all on hwy 25, and sew some more. The maid is always fascinated!! And a great time is had by all!

  2. When we go on our timeshare vacations we always try to book 2 bedroom units. Often the 2nd bedroom is a lock-off type that is a complete little suite with a mini kitchen. It becomes my sewing studio where I can leave all my stuff spread out during the week. I can sew to my heart's content and watch TV or listen to music and not bother my hubby.

  3. Rock on Deb! ....don't think I could do this in our little caravan tho :D
    I usually end up doing some English paper piecing which can be tuacked into a tupperware container!

  4. What a great sewing retreat you've got going there! Love that quilt top! WOW!

  5. Deb,
    I have taken handwork with me on the trips but never the sewing machine. Not a bad idea at all!
    Love what you are working on.

  6. it sounds like we all know how to have fun!

  7. Those photos are SO fun. Thanks for sharing.~


  8. I tired to sew in my tiny cabin, it didn't work so well... You seem to have it down pretty well! good for you!

  9. I usually take hand projects along with me on trips, now you have me convinced to pack up that featherweight and give a try.
    Love these blocks and so glad your making them into a quilt after all these years...