Sunday, June 27, 2010

Stop by the Spencer in Lawrence

We got to the Spencer Art Museum the other day to see their summer show Quilting Time & Space, on display until August 29 in the museum's Central Court.

I was eager to see Michi Miike's Playing with Cloth quilt. I love it so much. The colors are somber but there is such wonderful improvising. I noticed most blocks have a large nearly square piece but then they just go all over shape-wise from there. Michi signed her quilt with embroidered stitches.

A nice surprise was a vintage crazy quilt by Lillian Hutter, dated 1880-1910, called Crazy Quilt with Hot Air Balloon. We especially liked the rounded tabs extending from the sides of the quilt.

 It is dated circa 1880-1910.


  1. Michi Miike's quilt is amazing! I really like the colors and the piecing. And the crazy quilt is beautiful.

  2. These quilts are so charming. It's amazing how darkish/"somber" colours can be so cosy, warm and comforting.

    Thanks for all the beauties you share with us!

  3. love them,particularly the flag in the crazy quilt, well and the hanging tabs,hmmm.