Monday, June 21, 2010

A Strangely Unsigned Friendship Block Quilt

My friend Carol brought this quilt to sewing the other day. She got it at a garage sale here in Lawrence MANY years ago.

We fell in love with the fabrics. They are pure 1920s. But there is only one signed block on the quilt.

We are considering what to do with it - perhaps having people make a donation to sign it, with proceeds to go to a favorite local charity. Then it can go to a lucky raffle winner....we'll see.....

The block was called Cracker by Woman's World in 1931, according to the Encyclopedia. The blocks measure 4 1/2" and the total quilt measures 66" x 83". It is hand pieced and tied. It's in great shape and is very soft and cuddly. Carol thought someone should start using it.

Check out the backing fabric!


  1. Gorgeous fabrics! Stunning quilt! I like your idea of offering signature space for charity.

  2. It's awesome! And oh my GOSH I love that backing fabric! Wonderful!

  3. Beautiful quilt, and I like your idea for it. And I actually own some of that backing fabric (I think it came from a vintage fabric "lot" on eBay) My guess, based on color and style, was that it was 1950's - but that's just a guess!

  4. Another great quilt! Would be wonderful to get it signed by many and auctioned for a charity :)