Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Scrappiest baskets

I found this quilt yesterday in Abilene, Kansas and I couldn’t leave it behind because:

It draws on the wildest scrap bag ever.
It definitely tries to follow a pattern but takes many liberties
I like the bold choices the quilter made.
The pattern is May Basket, a 1947 Kansas City Star pattern, according to the Encyclopedia. Those basket blocks measure 9” square. The total quilt measures 68” x 80”. It is hand pieced and tied. The orange plaid that is used for the sashing is also used in 2 side borders. The quilt is bound with wide pieces of fabric turned over from the backing. There is no batting. Some of the hand-stitched seams have pulled loose and I'll be repairing those.

The fabrics! I found one little scrap that was definitely from the early 1900s, lots of pieces from every decade from 1930 through the 60s. There is polyester and there is cotton, there are blends.


  1. Great find! And very inspiring!! Thanks.

  2. This one is so crazy; you gotta love it!

  3. wow, wonderful quilt! love seeing how loose the quilter(s) was putting it all together.

  4. Love the chopped off baskets, top and bottom. Love the freedom and exuberance. A refreshing remedy to those who take all of this too seriously.

  5. oooh! I love this quilt! Thanks for sharing!

  6. ooh! i love how scrappy this is!!!!
    although I make scrappy quilts, how come mine still look planned out... ;-)
    I love how random these are.. makes my heart sing!!