Sunday, May 13, 2012

A sweet Mother's Yellow Rose quilt

I spoke about memory quilts at the April meeting of the Town & Country Quilters of Southwest Missouri  in Joplin. Several members brought memory quilts they had made. I was impressed with this one made by Ruth Pendleton. After her mother Elma Rosbrugh passed away, Ruth and her older sister, Lolis Rosbrugh gathered her clothing. Ruth wrote this:

"So far I have completed 2 bed-size quilts and have a good start on 4 more at this time.  I am leaving an empty block at the bottom of the quilt where I can embroider a yellow rose, which was Mother's favorite flower.  I will be calling my quilt Mother's Yellow Rose.

Since our  father, Marvin Rosbrugh, has passed, Lolis is cutting his clothing apart and is making quilts for the family also.  So far, I think she has delivered 3 of the ones she is working on.  She is adding darker colors for the filler blocks.  Again, we are using the quilts and not putting them away to sit for further generations."

The plan is to make 6 of these quilts - one for each of Elma's children - and 16 for her grandchildren. With this simple and very utilitarian design, she can piece together smaller scraps to make the  square blocks.

Here's Ruth, wearing a vintage bonnet that  belonged to one of her sisters - Mary Beth or Marjorie.. Ruth said this would mean the bonnet is a 1949 model or a 1952 model. She wore it because it was hat day at the guild, this one won the vintage category prize, of course. 

Happy Mother's Day! I thought you might enjoy this story on this lovely day.  Many thanks to Ruth for sharing her lovely project with all of us.


  1. I hope this is a sign that memory quilts are coming back. I can't think of anything more valuable than a quilt made of a loved ones garments.

  2. I love memory quilts, too. Also want to bring back bonnets!

  3. I want that hat!

  4. Were these folks from Rockville Mo area? I remember fondly a Mrs. Rosbrough who used to quilt.

  5. I like the quilt u named mothers yellow rose quilt. What size is the quilt? What size are your squares?

  6. Noel and I think of your family, often. You were the good people we got to know when we pastored there in 1964-65.