Saturday, September 12, 2009

Behind the scenes in Lexington, MO

Everyone who was at this photo shoot chuckles when they see this photo.

We were shooting location photos at the lovely gardens at the Battle of Lexington State Historic Site in Lexington. Rain loomed and we were trying to get in all the shots we could before it stopped us.

We all liked this shot BUT found it was hard to keep the bed cover on the fence. If you folded enough over for it to stay up by itself, you lost a good deal of it - and we wanted it all to show.

I offered to crouch behind the quilt and hold onto the little edges so more showed. It wasn't hard, it didn't take long at all.

But everyone who was there who sees it remembers there was a determined middle-aged woman crouching behind it to capture this lovely shot.

Check out this quilt and so much more in Maggie Bonanomi's upcoming Kansas City Star book, Nature's Offerings. It's a beauty.


  1. That is a great quilt!
    Check out my blog for a great triangle thrift store quilt - you'll love it.

  2. wow Love this quilt, great story. I will add this to my list of books to buy
    I love her work

  3. I still laugh, I know you are back there and kinda wish you just peeked over the edge!, I so appreciate my multi-tasking editor!