Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Reading, finishing...

I've been reading and have two items to share:

The first is on editing, courtesy of Eden's Outcasts by John Matteson. Bronson Alcott wrote this in 1882 about Ralph Waldo Emerson editing his work:

If I from Poesy could not all abstain,
He my poor verses oft did quite undress,
New wrapt in words my thought's veiled nakedness
Or kindly clipt my steed's luxuriant mane.

Editing, Matteson wrote, was not often so sensual.

The second is from a book about people I've always been curious about, Sara and Gerald Murphy, oft-mentioned running mates of the 1920s American ex-pats in Europe. The book is Living well is the best revenge by Calvin Tomkins. Gerald told of one summer spent in the company of the first Picasso family: "I also remember his (Picasso's) habit of creeping up behind people on the beach, waiting for them to stoop over to pick up a shell or something, and then photographing them from the rear. He had a remarkable collection, including some rather well-known people."


In case you think i've lost my mind, I can also report finishing some projects (and also a little editing). Here is the log cabin quilt I made for my mom.

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  1. Very beautiful!! Thanks for leaving the picture large enough to be examined. I'd have a blast looking at all these different prints. Awesome!!