Sunday, September 13, 2009

My black square medallion quilt

We found this quilt several years ago at the end of a long day of antiquing in central Indiana. My friend Barbara said that is a great quilt and I agreed but I was so tired I almost passed it up. I’m glad I didn’t.

The fabric is a looser woven cotton than the fabrics we buy at quilt shops today. I’ve repaired it – when I bought it many of the scant seams had pulled apart. The colors of those fabrics are very soft, likely faded with time. And it features a black block in the middle.

My friend Frances pushed me to use black as we designed blocks for our 2002 book Quilting a Poem. I would shriek but now I see her wisdom – using black can add so much depth to a quilt.


  1. I think that great quilts at thrift stores are harder and harder to find. Don't you agree?
    I've only found a couple over the years. I love black in quilts. It's adds a lot in the right quilt. I once used it as the center block in a pastel log cabin and it was great. I have a great thrift store quilt on my blog now.

  2. I certainly agree, it's very rare. I checked your blog and you found a winner. Like you, I shudder when quilts are labeled cutter quilts. I need to do a blog soon about the name of this blog - I like using thrift shop clothing for fabric, and collecting thrifty quilts. congrats on your find....