Thursday, September 3, 2009

Touring Knoxville

I visited Knoxville last week. Here are some trip pictures. I love the sign on the restored Tennessee theater in downtown Knoxville.

406 Church Street in downtown Knoxville is an important landmark for our host. Merikay Waldvogel (right, above) was Executive Director of the Knoxville Women's Center from 1979 to 1982. They helped women find employment and provided information and referrals to legal and health services. She hung antique quilts throughout the building, and became the go-to person for information on quilts--the source of her "quilt lady" label. And the rest is history . . .

Here is the entrance to a fabulous sign shop in downtown Knoxville, Yee Haw. They hand-print amazing signs, I could have looked around there for a LONG time....

Kudzu threatens to overtake this surprised quilter. The leaves were bigger than our hands!

Dolly Parton was in town too, singing and wearing this remarkable suit.

The local newspaper, the News Sentinel, has colorful obituaries. I noticed this one on Sept 2, 2009: Poore, Mary Jane....... of Greenville, TN was born April 22, 1944 and changed her address on Monday, August 31, 2009 when she went home to be with Jesus.......

Our Lawrence (Kansas) Journal World obituaries can't hold a candle to that.

Merikay's home is filled with wonderful quilts (this is one of many). We had a great time!


  1. I think that Dolly outfit was A Suit of Many Colors. Didn't she sing a song about a patchwork outfit her mama made for her?

  2. I think so too....I wish I could have found a photo showing the huge BOW on the back......