Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Scraps again, NOT too small at all

I made some blocks the easy way - I added triangles that were WAY too big and cut them down to size.
SO I had some SCRAPS. They were strips: several inches long, averaging about 1 inch wide.

I resolved I would not save them. No way, I would throw them out......
and as they piled up on my cutting table, I noticed a red remnant sitting right there that would look SO nice with I cut it up. My strips varied in size a little, but ranged from 7/8" to a little over 1 inch wide...

I sewed until I ran out of red fabric. I cut and turned and stitched. The skinnier the strips got, the more interesting I thought it looked.
Here is the little quilt I came up with. I need to trim it, back it and quilt it.
It didn't take long at all.

Remember, there are no scraps too small to save (hardly). Try it! It's like playing with fabric!


  1. isn't it a fun way to play :-) Love how you turned a couple of the strata 90 degrees to the others...

  2. oh yesss! My honeybunny is forever waiting 4 the day I'll ever toss out a my defense, I have donated yards of fabric to charity (so there). Love your idea...I now see napping blankeys (long and narrow) just bursting among my scraps. I actually have selvage (2in) strips of your orange plaid. But I have this quirky urge to match it up with the purple eggplant half yard my sis sent me 5 yrs ago. She's taking yoga now....perfect!
    delia in rb, ca

  3. I am long overdue to clean my basement sewing area. I told my husband I might throw out scraps and he was so happy but don't hold your breath. I forever find things to do with them. So match that eggplant with your orange plaid - cut it up into strips - and go to town. It's fun to try to use up all the pieces, fitting the littler ones in - send me a pic when you're done!