Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Flea Mall find

We stopped at a Flea Mall near Birmingham, Alabama where I found this sweet summer spread. The edges are finished but the quilt has no backing or batting.

The block pattern is odd but repeated faithfully - I'm eager to see if it is in the Encyclopedia of Pieced Patterns. Many of the pieces are patched together. The fabrics run the gamut - a few conversation prints, several synthetics, some seersucker binding and vintage cottons.

Best of all: it is hand pieced with sturdy string. I'll be repairing a few pulled apart seams as we head north.


  1. Good shopping work!
    Believe it or not it's in the Encyclopedia.
    #1355 first as Merry Go Round by Ruby McKim in 101 Quilt Patterns and then Eternal Triangle by Carrie Hall, both 1930s.

  2. cool! I had wondered if it was a mistake, it is such an odd little pattern.....we keep looking and NOT finding many antiques. many shuttered shops....

  3. And I was at Quilting Bits & Pieces yesterday and saw Edie McGinnis's book on fair quilts and this design is on the cover. Although I have to say Edie's is a little more organized color and design-wise.