Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Behind Across the Pond

Another book we've just completed for Kansas City Star Books is Across the Pond by Bettina Havig, on the right with her friend Emer Fahy from Cork, Ireland. They're at the AQSG seminar in San Jose last weekend.

Bettina's book is gorgeous, full of precise quilts in the style we call medallions. In the British Isles, where Bettina has traveled and studied extensively, they are called frame quilts. Bettina met Emer during her travels there.

Emer's taste in quilts runs similar to mine, to the more offbeat, thrift shop style quilt. Emer brought two of her quilts along to the conference. Look at these!

The first is typical of frame quilts from Inisboffin Island on the west coast of Ireland. Most are in diamond or broken dishes patterns. It has no wadding (the Irish term for batting) and zig-zag/wave quilting. This 1940 quilt was given to Emer.

The second quilt below is another frame quilt, from county Claire. The back of this early 20th century quilt is made of feedsacks.

It is good to have a thrift shop quilt comrade across the pond.

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