Friday, October 30, 2009

Medical procedure

Sometimes, as we grow older, we have to have medical procedures (polite language for things like colonoscopies).
They are no fun, as they involve things like fasting, prepping, etc.
But they are so worth it. This morning my doctor described the polyps she'd removed in my last procedure 3 years ago. She described their size and said they were on the verge of the size when malignancies can happen (they were benign).
She said sometimes she goes for days doing this procedure and finding nothing. And she wonders if its necessary.
And then she has a case like mine, and she knows it is.
Today, she found no polyps. I was too dopey to remember this, but my driver told me she hugged me when it was time to leave.
I am so happy we have smart people like her saving our lives.


  1. glad you got good news!few weeks ago I finally agreeded to do the same, with a good outcome, not as bad as I thought it would be!and a great preventive medicine. but I didn't get a hug!

  2. we are good! If my driver hadn't told me about the hug, I would not have known it happened, I was so sleepy....