Thursday, October 22, 2009


Our local guild, the Kaw Valley Quilters Guild, has an annual country store - a meeting devoted to shopping. Members reserve tables to sell their wares. Sellers included an antique dealer and several artists, people selling older quilts, fabrics, books, etc. I was there early to set up my table of books for sale, so I had time to look around a little, and......

I scored! I got this quilt for a song and it came with a great story. The seller had a pile of quilts she said her mother collected at garage sales years ago in western Pennsylvania. She thought her mom couldn't stand to see unwanted and unloved quilts so she brought them home. This one was purchased in the late 70s or early 80s.

The quilt measures 67" x 78". A few of the 14" hourglass blocks contain whole pieces but many of the blocks have pieces that were patched together. The fabrics are very familiar and comforting: many look like clothing scraps. It is machine pieced and hand-quilted in large stitches. The batting is a thick homestyle cotton. Best of all, the back is a soft flannel, that comes to the front to bind the edges. It will be a great quilt for snuggling.

I may call this one Dad's quilt. I showed it to him today and he obviously liked it. He doesn't get enthusiastic about many quilts - perhaps something about this one felt familiar to him. Anyway, I told him it's his.

I also purchased these vintage blocks from Terry Thompson. I love them! Terry has a lively eye!


  1. I need some freemotion quilting advice/help.... I am trying to use metallic thread on my Christmas quilt without much success....any suggestions, etc?????

  2. I've found it to be very tricky - I try to avoid it! I googled it, there is some good advice at best of luck!

  3. This hour-glass quilt leaves me limp. The what-the-heck block assembly is enviable. Score, indeed!