Monday, October 5, 2009

Scary technology tales

I was at the American Quilt Study Group conference over the weekend where we enjoyed many visual presentations. However, a few frightening technology events occurred:

Horror #1: Quilter A was relying on slides for her presentation. During her talk, her foot became entangled with the projector power cord. The entire projector flew off the table and landed loudly, upside down, on the floor. Loud gasps! The determined speaker picked it up, set it on the table and miraculously, it kept working just fine. ahhhhh.

Horror #2: Academician B created a super power point presentation on her laptop. She got onto the plane and discovered it had disappeared from her computer. She was able to have the images forwarded from her office and spent the next day recreating her presentation. Her audience never knew the trauma she suffered. Again, ah....

Horror #3: Halfway through keynote speaker C’s talk, a slide stuck. People leaped to the rescue but then a greater horror ensued: as they worked, we shuddered as we heard the sound of slides dumping out of the tray. Keynote speaker C gamely ad libbed, the slides were restored (albeit in a different order) and she finished with her great sense of humor intact.

Like the potholder above that illustrates these stories so well? It's the newest member of my collection, bequeathed by Bobbi Finley, via Carol Jones. I have nearly 40 of these potholders with faces. I need to do my research and find out when and why they became popular.....


  1. LOVE the pot your research and show us more of your collection.

  2. I will, thanks! Brace yourself, some are pretty wild....

  3. I don't know WHEN they became popular but there are little old ladies in Vermont that still make them and sell them at the Fletcher's Farm fair twice a year. They make them all year and sell them for $3. I buy them every year as well as donate fabric to the ladies. LOVE 'em!

  4. Now I have to go make a potholder!