Monday, October 12, 2009

Seen at Market #2: Quilts

In the quilt show: Sampler with Yellow and Red Calico, by unknown piecemaker, quilted by Kathy Colvin. Pieced, mid 1800s, quilted in 2003.

This quilt in Sandy Klop’s booth is one of many on display by Moda designers from a half-square triangle exchange initiated by Edyta Sitar (learn more about that in Edyta’s new book Friendship Triangles, available in November from Landauer books). When Edyta describes her plan for half-square triangle exchanges, you can't wait to try it.

Linda Jenkins of Piece of Cake demonstrates a technique from the new book Appliqué Outside the Lines. Their innovative pieced backgrounds in bold colors caught my eye first - it's so exciting they continue to improvise!


  1. Wow, i love that top quilt. it has such a modern sensibility (the use of the stripes maybe and the bright colors) I find it hard to believe it's an antique.

  2. I think it looks very contemporary too....

  3. The antique quilt top IS fabulous, but is not likely mid-1800s. A quilt is dated by its newest feature and with a top only , that's the fabrics. This one, from PA most likely, has fabrics printed in the 1880s. Most of the fabrics are from 1870-80s, and were very popular then. this isn't a big different, but the last quarter of the century looked like this in the northeast and different than colors and prints than in 1850s. Just want to be informative. Thanks for sharing a beautiful quit and for mentioning my blog article about the wool quilt at NEQM.

  4. oops- the wool quilt exhibit was mentioned by another blogger, who also linked to your page Deb to show us the antique quilt top! Let's give her credit-
    She has a great quilt on her design wall currently called Hope Strings Eternal.

  5. Kim, thanks for the info about the Sampler. I provided the info from the quilt label at the show so we'll all learn something from that. Wouldn't we love to know more about it. I like the quilt on Tonya's wall too!

  6. Hey Deb,

    Thanks for the peek into Market. I wasn't able to go so it's great to see some of the new stuff.
    Thanks again for all your help at Seminar. Was great seeing the Kansas Coalition again! (gosh, I hope I spelled that correctly!)