Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Great Jacket!

I should be working (I edit quilt books in my home office).

But I just opened the New York Times website and found this picture of Hillary Clinton arriving in Afghanistan. Politics aside, is this not exciting? That we have a secretary of state representing our country wearing a gorgeous stitched jacket like this!

I checked several spots on the web just now and can't find any details about the jacket. Did she get it in China this week? Or somewhere else?

I will keep looking and see if I can find out. There is an even better photo of the jacket on a state department blog (scroll down to the Nov. 18 travel diary).


  1. I believe it's called a kashmir coat--from India. I bought one about 3 years ago when I was there; it looked really nice when it was new but unlike Hillary, it didn't age well.

  2. great info, thanks! guess what? there is a text the secretary feature on a state department blog page, I sent a message asking about this jacket. I wonder if I will get an answer. stay tuned.

  3. She is pretty fabulous isn't she? Not just a woman but a woman with STYLE! LOVE the jacket...

  4. I purchased two similar coats in Sharjah, one in Silk the other in wool. Made in Kashmir according to the label.

  5. Reminded me of a coat/dress Princess Diana wore -- a David Sassoon "dressing gown" from 1985:

    Also, Rachel Maddow gave a different Hillary coat a shoutout as "badass," though the blogger who noted it loved a different black coat Hillary had worn during the primaries more -- it looks quilted to me, but they described it as having "resilient little squares on it, like it was made from T-Rex or velociraptor. That defiant coat..." Well that's their coat and they're sticking to it.