Sunday, December 13, 2009

Barkley's Birds

My friend Barbara Brackman is a dog person, as am I.

In our middle-golden years, we have both acquired dogs that remind us of a beloved childhood pet. Hers is a dachshund with the clever name of Dottie Barker. Dottie is a great snuggler with an unfortunate need to dominate other dogs. Mine is a dear little terrier mix named (aptly) Barkley. He too is a great snuggler with a need to bark and bark, often at the wind or an imagined noise (at first, I thought it was just at birds).
BB entertains us with creating photos of our pups in exotic spots - check out Barkley above taking in the bright lights of Las Vegas.

My quilt named after Barkley is on Barbara's web site this week and since it's a red-and-white quilt, i'll show it here too.  Barbara describes things so well, she writes:

Barkley's Birds, by Deb Rowden, 2005, Lawrence, Kansas, quilted by Lori Kukuk.

Deb took an old pattern named "Path Thru the Woods" or "Hill and Hollow" and added an applique border with birds inspired by antique quilts. Her dog, aptly named Barkley, loves to bark at the cardinals in her yard all winter.

For more about birds on antique quilts click here to see Julie Silber's blog entry for November 28th: "Birds on Quilts".

Deb again: do check out Julie's birds, she has the best quilts of all.


  1. I love birds on quilts and just love simple one block quilts with applique borders, this is a perfect quilt in mho!
    ok hope there is a pattern somewhere to read BB's blog and see if she tells me its available!

  2. I love the quilt and Barkley. Having a few dashunds in my life and a terrier I know where of you speak!