Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Green & Red Log Cabin

I hang up this Log Cabin every December. It measures 72" x 78". I found it at the antique mall in Ottawa, Kansas in 2003. For $15, how could I leave it behind.

The Log Cabin block centers of blocks are red wool with the exception of the 3 red cotton centers in the middle of the quilt. The green logs are wool also. Blocks measure 12” — there are 36 total.

The quilt's condition is fair. The fabrics are fragile—you can see through some but that is valuable because you can see that some blocks of this quilt were foundation pieced (the foundations show through) - others were not. It is hand pieced.
This quilt is tied with red yarn. Note that some of the red yarn color faded to white on the log cabin side but is red on the backside.
The front of this quilt is brought to the back to bind this quilt. I love the backing, it is such sweet fabric.


  1. Deb, just love the quilt. I was up in Vermont the past 10 days...almost picked up a poison green/double pink/muslin tied quilt at the local antique mall but didn't do it as it was $120 and the condition was a little raw. I want only my own blood on these!
    I have made a vow to allow myself to buy one old but fabulous quilt per year. I didn't buy any in 2009 so I get to pick two in 2010. Maybe tops, maybe finished. Whatever.
    Best wishes to you. Thanks for your blog.

  2. Margaret, that is quite a vow. What if you find the coolest tops ever at a garage sale? Can you tell I could never make that vow?
    However, you have not seen my basement, there is a wretched excess of quilts there that could not be passed up.
    so on second thought, go for it. Keep us apprised on your vow of Discipline!