Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ta ta 2009

My last quilt of 2009 is another rescue.
I found it in an antique mall two years ago in Macon, Missouri, a town on route 36.

It was too grand in former days to risk leaving for someone to cut up. It features techniques I can't imagine mastering, mostly wonderful trapunto hand quilting.....

There are justifications for acquiring a quilt in fragile shape like this.
You can admire and replicate the pattern.
You can study the incredible quilting.
You can note how the fabric aged.
You can marvel at the cool fabric - I love the flower center at the top.

I truly enjoy writing this blog. A reporter in a former life, it seems I still have the urge to report. I am "easily entertained" (as a co-worker I did not click with once opined) and delight in things people say and things I see. I love thrift, I love quilts and I adore good writing. All come together in the simple title hung on this blog quite quickly last March. I find it remarkable I can share what I enjoy and hear back from others with the same sentiment in Canada, and England, and Kansas City. It's satisfying and most of all, fun.

Happy New Year! See you in 2010......


  1. What a lovely find- such glorious flowers and quilting- Thank you for honoring someone's work and celebrating this less than perfect antique quilt. Someone would have devoted many hours to create this masterpiece. It does deserve a better fate than to be cut up.
    Happy New Year to you and yours.

  2. Thank you for understanding. Many laugh off acquiring a quilt like this: I treasure it and enjoy this opportunity to share it. That is one of the joys of this blog for me: finding others like you that appreciate these less than perfect but oh so wonderful quilts.
    happy 2010!

  3. Great quilt, the quilting photgraphed nicely. Would definately make a great pattern.

  4. WhAT A lovely quilt. Enjoy your blog and am glad you post pretty often :)

  5. I love seeing all the old quilts you've collected. I love the way that the green trellis sashing seems to float because the border is the same color as the background color to the flowers.