Thursday, December 17, 2009

Hearts & Gizzards

Here's a dandy red-and-white quilt, found in an antique shop in Bethany, in northern Missouri.

In Brackman's Encyclopedia, the block has many entries (#1500), names like Hearts & Gizzards, lovers knot, hearts & flowers, wheel of fortune. The pattern dates listed are in the early 1930s.

This quilt came with an envelope attached (sewn to the quilt with yarn). The outside read: Inside Red Ribbin 2 place sept 2000 Calamity Jane Days. Had got red once before at C. J. days, Labern Curtis quilt. (I wonder if they meant Lavern.)

They were asking only $30 for it so I could not pass it up. It measures 65" x 85". It is hand pieced and exquisitely hand quilted - look at the detailed quilting in this red detail shot (I count 10-12 stitches per inch. There are 56 blocks plus a row of 7 half blocks at the bottom. If you break the quilt down into this simple block, here are 238 of those blocks total.

The quilt's red fabric has faded and the quilt has been used, evidenced by the wear around the edges. The muslin back has worn thin in several spots. At first I didn't think there was batting inside, it is that light. But there is a very fine batting used, almost like a light flannel sheet.

The Calamity Days ribbon is from Princeton, Missouri. which is 28 miles east of Bethany.


  1. Delightful! It made me think of shamrocks. A wonderful find. Kath in England

  2. There is a person named Labern Curtis who lived in Missouri. I just did a search on ancestry:

  3. What an amazing quilt at an amazing price! Lucky find!