Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Did she win?

oh dear I should be working BUT I must show you my latest distraction. The other day I was at a meeting and an old friend said -point blank, out of the blue- I have some scraps for you.
wa hoo! I happened to be in her neighborhood 2 days later and here are the boxes she gave to me. She said they are from a pick-up FULL of fabric given to her from an estate.

I am so fascinated with the contents of these boxes. They will entertain me for a long time. Note the old boxes, many are for foundations (which some of us recall are gruesomely constricting undergarments). Some boxes have project names written on the outside.

Inside are a gazillion cut up pieces of old fabric. And pattern pieces. And notes of how many pieces or blocks were needed to make this quilt or that.Wow, this quilter was a planner.

We always say the one who dies with the most fabric wins. Did this person win? Seems possible......


  1. A planner....and a saver. Wow. Things like this always make me want to know more about the person. It reminds me of all the stalled sewing projects my mother, sister, and I generated years ago, all of which finally saw the light of day again when my sister and I cleared out our parents' house last year. So many stories attached to those projects. I wonder what this woman's stories are?

  2. whoa! you must be in scrap heaven!!

  3. I must agree with Maggie..."scrap heaven!!"
    How I envy your rainy days playtime this year. Will you be completing one of this lady's UFOs this summer?

    Delia in RB

  4. Such a delight! I went to a garage sale once where they were pitching stuff like that. I wasn't interested in any of the stuff out, but what they called "junk" was utter delight! They let me dig through the items before they went into the cans and I filled my van FULL for $5.
    LOL, you know why I love your blog.~
    Lucy (in IN)