Monday, April 19, 2010

Lone Star review

Our friend Roseanne who likes the Lone Star pattern so this blog is for her. I showed her a picture of this one once, she loved it. When I hang it on the dining room wall, my eyes seem to zoom around and around in circles, like Barney Google.

  I bought it because the fabrics were in such good shape. It's hardly used at all! The quilt measures 77" x 79" and is hand pieced and hand quilted. I found it at an antique mall in Kansas City, Missouri.

But we can't stop yet as that quilt is too sweet and normal for me. Here is a photo of another lone star I found a few years ago in St. Joseph, Missouri. I call it Lone Star Gone Wild. It starts in the usual fashion but then something goes terribly awry. I like to show it to groups and we speculate about just what happened. Bad menopause? Revenge on the original quiltmaker by the next generation? Madness? We will never know but it is something to imagine.

It's also hard to look at on the wall, it hangs so badly. It looks like some sort of old measures 72" x 78" and is hand pieced and hand quilted.

Meanwhile, look at this swell quilt Roseanne made. Now that is orderly.

We are also fortunate she had a hand in this one. It's our guild opportunity quilt for 2010. Chances are being sold for a few more months......


  1. the amazing thing about the "skin" quilt is that it is bound and finished! That was a whole lot of denial, or optimism, or something. Maybe it was meant to be a skin? The star quilts are an important thing in Lakota Sioux, and some other tribes. Maybe it is a cultural pride quilt? Hmmmm.